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Jason Tate 10/25/12 08:48 AM

Joe From Fall Out Boy Addresses Rumors
Joe from Fall Out Boy tweeted, in response to the rumors yesterday that the band was already working on new songs, that they are "unfounded and untrue." And the world goes back to a Fall Out Boy-less existence.

Metal Now 10/25/12 08:51 AM

That's a blow.

SomedayTheFire 10/25/12 08:52 AM


ReadyForAction 10/25/12 08:53 AM


therookielot 10/25/12 08:55 AM

Fall Out Boy fullfilled their own prophecy with Folie A Deux. Most of the lyrical content was about the end of the band. I think bands need to stop calling their own demise, I'm looking at you too Refused(except for the fact they reunited, but still).

jordalsh 10/25/12 08:57 AM

bradsonemanband 10/25/12 09:00 AM


PetitnaindesĪles 10/25/12 09:01 AM

to whoever started the rumor

kaylasananjou 10/25/12 09:01 AM


theHECKLER 10/25/12 09:06 AM


Spencer Control 10/25/12 09:09 AM

Why wasn't everybody expecting this?

Nolessthanblink 10/25/12 09:10 AM

Unless it's the same as those tweets about Finch not ever playing live again, and then announcing a show a week later. New FOB press release coming next week!

Yeah right

scormier2 10/25/12 09:21 AM

SURPRISE EVERYONE! Another tweet about a reunion from someone not in the band is completely untrue. Who would've thought?

Playsw/Squirels 10/25/12 09:27 AM


Originally Posted by jordalsh (Post 114593052)

Im a monster!!!!!

warriorsam 10/25/12 09:37 AM

But a digital pop culture impresario said it. A digital pop culture impresario!!!