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kidinthebushes 10/25/12 09:39 AM

Fine by me.

.dot 10/25/12 09:40 AM

StephenYoung 10/25/12 09:46 AM

I wonder how they feel about a reunion now versus two years ago. Making millions to... not making millions with the opportunity to make a crazy amount of money must at least pique the band's curiosity.

Coverbydesign 10/25/12 09:54 AM

Meh was not getting my hopes to high just on the fact that I knew Joe was busy with his new metal band and Andy just joined a band.

Gaugzilla 10/25/12 10:06 AM

Wow. What a surprise!

zachff 10/25/12 10:19 AM

Let’s play this game called “when she catches fire”
I wouldn’t piss to put her out

AnthonyBTT 10/25/12 10:33 AM


Originally Posted by warriorsam (Post 114594772)
But a digital pop culture impresario said it. A digital pop culture impresario!!!


Archael 10/25/12 10:33 AM

well if they do reform

more infinity on high; less cork tree crap plz

Avalanche1 10/25/12 10:39 AM



bladerdude360 10/25/12 10:46 AM

Figured as much...but still nice to think about haha.

NotEmo.JustMe 10/25/12 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by SomedayTheFire (Post 114592892)


I really REALLY miss this band. I met a girl at a show earlier this week who said she went to their last headlining show with Blink and I was beyond jealous. We agreed they need to get back together soon but it doesn't seem likely as they're all 'doing their own thing'...even though none of it is anywhere close to as commercially successful as FOB. But c'est la vie.

I always have a hard time listening to their music now because while I love all of it, it makes me insanely nostalgic and wish that I'd gone to more than just 2 of their shows. :P

DevinDomino 10/25/12 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by DevinDomino (Post 114553472)
Don't you fucking blue ball me, Fall Out Boy. Please let this be true.

Ow, my balls.

The_Effort 10/25/12 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by Nolessthanblink (Post 114593502)
Unless it's the same as those tweets about Finch not ever playing live again, and then announcing a show a week later. New FOB press release coming next week!

Yeah right

lol that Finch thing was hilarious.

NationalProduct 10/25/12 11:35 AM

which more than likely mean it IS true, shes getting yelled at for leaking some info they wanted to release in their own way ORRRR, we got trolled hard and i am now a troll, living under a bridge

Your Milkshake 10/25/12 12:00 PM