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Ravelle17 10/26/12 07:53 AM

When I read "a price we thought was very Metallica fan friendly" I was ready to scoff, but $15.98 is quite reasonable indeed. Well played, Metallica.

JordanKTM 10/26/12 09:09 AM

Saddened by the lack of Creeping Death

SuNDaYSTaR 10/26/12 09:16 AM


Originally Posted by DisenShaanted (Post 114625412)
I wonder where they recorded this.

Did you read the article?

dustyfloors 10/26/12 12:14 PM

$15.98 is a steal for any Blu-Ray.
I haven't been into these guys in ages but recently revisited their back catalog. I still can't get into anything released after ReLoad.

kbomb001 10/26/12 07:39 PM

methinks i'll get this someday (maybe), wish they included Fuel on this setlist