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Jack Appleby 10/26/12 12:20 PM

Culprit, This Armistice To Open "Rock Yourself To Sleep" Dates
Culprit, This Armistice, Civil Sound, and Shallow Royale will open select dates of the Rock Yourself To Sleep tour, featuring Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds, I The Mighty and others. Details can be seen here.

Jack Appleby 10/26/12 12:21 PM

Was already my most anticipated tour - will attend multiple dates now that Culprit and This Armistice are involved.

Jake Denning 10/26/12 12:22 PM

WTF, no Strawberry Girls?!

Jack Appleby 10/26/12 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by Jake Denning (Post 114642812)
WTF, no Strawberry Girls?!

I assume NorCal would qualify as West Coast, so it looks like Culprit beat them out.
Shoulda thrown them on the Northwest leg though - love me some Strawberry girls.

TAI182 10/26/12 01:17 PM

Boo! Was hoping for Strawberry Girls.

leftapart 10/26/12 02:35 PM


nowFace 10/26/12 02:49 PM

This is seriously the most solid lineup, but I have no money. FML

MXP 10/26/12 05:08 PM

Can't wait to finally see I the Mighty and Kurt Travis!!!! Hope he sings some of the DGD songs he was on. Gonna be epicness at The Door haha