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Drew Beringer 10/26/12 01:17 PM

POZ Presents: Thrice Interview
PropertyOfZack recently interviewed Riley from Thrice and they discussed the bandís Anthology release, a new band with him, Ed, and Mike from Hey Mercedes, and much more here.
From The InterviewEd and I have been working on music at our little rehearsal space. Ed, myself, and Michael Schumacher, who was in Hey Mercedes and has done front of house sound for us, have been working together. The three of us have similar taste in music and can work together in a way that works really well creatively.

mattjritter 10/26/12 02:31 PM

This is destined to be awesome.

endonhigh 10/26/12 08:20 PM

New project sounds quite intriguing.

kazuma_ootaro28 10/26/12 11:56 PM

Damn, Thrice and Hey Mercedes!

Shatter_Glass 10/27/12 07:10 AM

Have Geoff Rickley sing!!!

The Gryphonator 10/27/12 09:24 AM

Looking forward to greatness!

Calvin Lauber 10/27/12 12:45 PM

Thrice + Hey Mercedes = holy shiiiiit.

InfiniteArms 10/27/12 04:41 PM

Just thinking about the new project gave me chills. Gonna be awesome.

punchlinekid182 10/27/12 04:52 PM

im gonna go spin every night fireworks

Zack Zarrillo 10/27/12 10:22 PM


Originally Posted by Shatter_Glass (Post 114665282)
Have Geoff Rickley sing!!!

That'd be a dream

Shatter_Glass 11/01/12 08:57 AM


Originally Posted by zack-182 (Post 114688952)
That'd be a dream

..Or Geoff Rickly & Jason Gleason doing back and forth vox.