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Zac Djamoos 10/29/12 12:33 PM

Fist Full of Lies - If it Wasn't For This, I'd Still Have Everything
Fist Full Of Lies-If It Wasn't For This I'd Still Have Everything
Release Date: July 9, 2012
Record Label: Self-released

Fist Full of Lies is a post-hardcore band form Norwich, UK. They play angry music and scream out lyrics like, "What's the point/ of making promises/ you never meant/ to keep?"

Their debut release is the self-released If It Wasn't For This, I'd Still Have Everything. It opens with the rough "Curses" which is a good opener. The band's two vocalists (I'm assuming there are two, a singer and a screamer, but I could be wrong). The clean singer actually has a pretty nice voice, and the screamer sounds remarkably like like Jeremy of Touche Amore. The following track is the shortest, and entitled "I Am Jack's Lingering Regret." Unfortunately, this song sounds like "Curses." That is the EP's biggest problem; three of the four sound pretty much the same. The fourth song, "Bitterness Got The Best Of Me" features the least screaming of any of the songs, and a catchy chorus of "Save me from/ what I have done/ I won't let this get/ the best of me."

Fortunately, there are no breakdowns on this album, and the songs do not conform to the now-gospel screamed-verses-sung-choruses structure. Despite this, three-fourths of the album sound relatively the same. Even so, Fist Full of Lies could grow from this release and become a great post-hardcore band.

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