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Drew Beringer 10/29/12 03:50 PM

Stream Clips of New Code Orange Kids Album
You can stream clips from Code Orange Kids' upcoming new album Love is Love//Return to Dust over at Amazon. The album's in stores November 20th.

Submitted by jesseb

TheRxBandit 10/29/12 06:37 PM

Yes finally a release date for this. These clips are gunna be torture...

EDIT: So excited to hear all of Colors...

blackmold 10/30/12 05:02 AM

I love how the release date was a mystery until now. I'm stoked for this album but I hate listening to clips.

grffthmsft629 10/31/12 12:10 PM

People like this band? I just don't understand whats so great about them. I saw them on the Touche/Defeater tour and I wanted to rip my ears off. I do however like the side project of theirs