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Drew Beringer 10/29/12 03:56 PM

Deftones Postpone Boston and NYC Shows
Deftones have postponed their shows in Boston tonight and New York City tomorrow night.

Submitted by crowdediceb0x

TheRealJohnOC 10/29/12 03:58 PM

Make that my 4th time getting dicked out of seeing them. I wonder when the new NYC date will be?

airik625 10/29/12 06:57 PM

I got through "Deftones have postponed....." and started to worry thinking it was going to have to do with the release of their forthcoming album. Got worried, then I finished it and felt relieved.

fearthesloths 10/29/12 08:12 PM

probably a good idea

Anthony Lutz 10/29/12 10:14 PM

That sucks - they played such an awesome show to a sold out crowd last Sunday. I'd love to see them play on this tour again.

sailorliz 10/30/12 08:12 PM

Hoping they reschedule soon!