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Drew Beringer 10/30/12 11:36 AM

Astronautalis Hearts P.O.S
Astronautalis dropped a pretty sentimental freestyle about his good buddy P.O.S during his show the other night in Cleveland. You can view it in the replies.

Submitted by TMS2787

Drew Beringer 10/30/12 11:36 AM

njiata603 10/30/12 11:57 AM

love, love, love this

Samprattsap 10/30/12 12:09 PM

Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

ibelieveinjake 10/30/12 12:12 PM

He's so good. His verse on Wanted/Wasted is killer, too.

NateGolubiewski 10/30/12 01:04 PM

Always been a fan of his freestyles, this is sick. It's always awesome to see so much support in the industry between artists/friends.

Archael 10/30/12 06:15 PM

the number of times he says fuck...

who does he think he is? billy joe armstrong?

Archael 10/30/12 06:16 PM

this nice and cute and all...

but I've always had a hard time finding him interesting, no matter how much I tried to

Poochemist 10/30/12 07:05 PM

Really nice to raise awareness and give such high praise.

tossit 10/30/12 08:10 PM


Bryan GribbIe 10/30/12 09:18 PM

fuckin' a, this was amazing.

writethefuture 10/30/12 10:23 PM

so good.