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Drew Beringer 10/30/12 11:39 AM

fun. Gets In The Christmas Spirit
You can stream fun.'s take on the Holiday classic "Sleigh Ride" over at Radio 104.5 in Philly. It's a part of the upcoming compilation Holidays Rule.

Submitted by SEckwd

Zachari90 10/30/12 11:44 AM

Clips of the entire album can be heard at
Just in case you're getting into the Christmas spirit good and early!
Compilation features renditions by Paul McCartney, The Civil Wars, The Shins and Fun. among others.

esposimi 10/30/12 11:47 AM

Best station

Jeff_Ryan 10/30/12 11:48 AM

I'm pretty sure the entire album is already available on iTunes

jordalsh 10/30/12 11:48 AM

aaand now I'm ready for christmastime

Alex DiVincenzo 10/30/12 11:52 AM

Halloween first. Then we can talk about Christmas music.

SpyKi 10/30/12 11:53 AM

man I love Nate's voice.

George_mm 10/30/12 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by esposimi (Post 114792262)
Best station

Wendy <3

herestoyoufla 10/30/12 11:59 AM

love the "All Alright" acoustic. Surprised that song hasn't been a single yet, honestly.

MikeYabs 10/30/12 12:05 PM

someone remind me of this when it gets closer to the holidays. definitely gonna end up on my holiday music playlist. just cant listen to it too much now since halloween hasn't even happened yet.

PopPunkKid 10/30/12 12:22 PM

that was really good, I'll definitely be spinning this a lot this holiday season.. but where's the guitar? I was waiting for Jack to come in with some nice riffs throughout the whole thing but it sounds like he's not even on here.

AloneInTheDark 10/30/12 12:47 PM

I would purchase a Fun. Christmas album for the entire family.

JayDanielHammer 10/30/12 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by The Meech (Post 114792042)
I'ma let you finish but August Burns Red had one of the best renditions of Sleigh Ride of all time

Came to say this

Ryan Gardner 10/30/12 01:10 PM

Now this is what I'm talking about

SuNDaYSTaR 10/30/12 01:14 PM

Pretty good version.