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Drew Beringer 10/30/12 01:19 PM

Oof, Right In The Childhood
Disney has purchased Lucasfilm Ltd. for $4.05 billion and have promised a new Star Wars movie in 2015. This is my nightmare.

SteveLikesMusic 10/30/12 01:20 PM

Oh fuck.

bradsonemanband 10/30/12 01:20 PM

so many nerds are going to weep...

signal to noise 10/30/12 01:21 PM

can't be worse than the prequel trilogy.

suicidalmoose 10/30/12 01:21 PM

pretty low, my expectations are

Jack Appleby 10/30/12 01:22 PM


Cody Nelson 10/30/12 01:22 PM

lp670sv 10/30/12 01:22 PM

Darth Mickey.

Gaugzilla 10/30/12 01:23 PM

nowFace 10/30/12 01:24 PM

Wow.....just read about this.....

Holly HoX! 10/30/12 01:26 PM

Fuck this fucking bullshit
Fuck George Lucas
Fuck episodes 1-3
Fuck Disney

Rysker6 10/30/12 01:27 PM

Marvel, and now Star Wars.

ChaseTx 10/30/12 01:27 PM

Well, I mean, I love Disney and I love Star Wars. As long as the new movie doesn't attempt to be a new chapter in the main saga, I'm somewhere between fine and excited.

Alex DiVincenzo 10/30/12 01:28 PM

bananabread 10/30/12 01:28 PM

let's hope it's a live action follow up to Ewok Adventures. Also wasn't George mumbling something about the original trilogy in 3D?

edit: does this also include Industrial Light and Magic? if so that's huuuuuuuuuuuge.