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Kelly Doherty 10/30/12 04:55 PM

Singled Out Get New Guitarist
Minnesota pop-punkers Singled Out have announced the addition of guitarist Justin Persgard to the band. Persgard replaces Shane Olson who departed in August.
Statement from the BandIt is Justinís passion, song writing ability and musicianship that makes him such a great addition to the band. We could not be more excited to welcome him to Singled Out. Everyone can expect a fuller, more mature sound with Justin on board. He canít wait to meet all of our fans!

bananabread 10/30/12 05:11 PM

SmeezyBeezy 10/30/12 07:14 PM

Who the hell are these guys? I'm behind the times back home..

JayDanielHammer 10/30/12 08:29 PM


Avalanche1 10/30/12 11:31 PM

Good NFG song

They sound a lot like ADTR.

get up kidd 10/31/12 06:39 AM

Was going to name my band "Singled Out" in middle school. Didn't even know about the NFG song, or this band at the time.. Funny shit.

lloydy_182 10/31/12 07:40 AM

Awesome band. They played Warped this year... https://www.facebook.com/SingledOutBand

Maiaophilia 10/31/12 08:53 AM


Originally Posted by SmeezyBeezy (Post 114816182)
Who the hell are these guys? I'm behind the times back home..

I'm wondering the same thing... I live here and I havent even heard of them.