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Adam Pfleider 10/31/12 07:45 AM

Joyce Manor Nervous Energies Session
Head to the replies to watch Barry Johnson of Joyce Manor perform "House Warning Party" for a special Halloween Nervous Energies session.

Adam Pfleider 10/31/12 07:46 AM

Fish Man Alex 10/31/12 08:33 AM

this is awesome, they were my favorite at The Fest this past weekend

Fish Man Alex 10/31/12 08:35 AM

"godz butt"

Jaytothesyg 10/31/12 09:03 AM

This is so good! I love this band so much

I'm also happy that I found out that they have a demo that I don't have!

Micah511 10/31/12 09:26 AM

Gods butt! Saw menzingers there earlier this year.

nickthehick2 10/31/12 09:36 AM

Such a simple song but good. Nervous Energies gets me into a lot of bands, and always has great performances.

Bryan Mac 10/31/12 10:15 AM

Most over hyped punk band this year.

myhearturhands 10/31/12 10:36 AM


msulliv7 10/31/12 10:42 AM

Well doesn't he look dashing.

like yesterday 10/31/12 01:34 PM

Is this an unreleased song from Joyce Manor or...?

TheBigDirty182 11/01/12 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by Bryan Mac (Post 114833082)
Most over hyped punk band this year.

I know! They have no emotion and and such a mundane sound. The only think more stale than their lyrics are their fans.