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Deborah Remus 10/31/12 11:09 AM

Shad Video For "It Ain't Over"
You can watch Shad's music video for "It Ain't Over" in the replies.

Deborah Remus 10/31/12 11:09 AM

DeathOrGlory 10/31/12 11:20 AM

Sooooo good.

Deborah Remus 10/31/12 11:37 AM

Yeah, he's my favourite rapper by far.

cococrisp20 10/31/12 11:39 AM

pretty cool

swimbearswim 10/31/12 12:00 PM

Hahaha, I hope he doesn't get sued for the sample either. Props. He's going to look like Charlie Murphy when he's old.

Cheesus 10/31/12 12:28 PM

"please dont sue me"... lol so dope

Mikeallover 10/31/12 01:11 PM

awesome song and funny video.

PermanentTourists 10/31/12 04:17 PM

the best.

briantalife 10/31/12 08:22 PM

Shad is the man.

funnydave 10/31/12 09:06 PM

Love it

Dre Okorley 11/01/12 09:02 PM

Whoever mixed this had the guitar riff too loud, but w/e. This song is hot.