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Alex DiVincenzo 10/31/12 02:08 PM

Punchline Plays Weezer Cover Set [Video]
Head to the replies to watch Punchline perform a full set of Weezer covers.

Alex DiVincenzo 10/31/12 02:08 PM

TelAllUrFriends 10/31/12 02:19 PM


PirateSkater182 10/31/12 02:28 PM

Actually better than Weezer to me.

Edit: I like some Weezer.

bradsonemanband 10/31/12 02:43 PM

what's the setlist?

phillipjacob 10/31/12 03:06 PM


jtresk26 10/31/12 03:13 PM

I like it. The cover of Why Bother? is great. The setlist is:
- My Name is Jonas
- No One Else
- Why Bother?
- The Good Life
- Suzanne
- Island in the Sun
- Pink Triangle
- Hash Pipe
- Buddy Holly
- El Scorcho
- Say It Ain't So

OldSchoolReason 10/31/12 03:17 PM

Say what you want about 2012 Weezer, but Blue album and Pinkerton are 2 of the greatest albums ever.

Johnny Minardi 10/31/12 03:30 PM

this is fucking awesome.

alexpoopy 10/31/12 05:29 PM


Originally Posted by PirateSkater182 (Post 114845242)
Actually better than Weezer to me.

Get out.

PirateSkater182 10/31/12 05:44 PM


Originally Posted by alexpoopy (Post 114852172)
Get out.

lol kbye

incognitojones 10/31/12 07:01 PM

Great set list, I'mma play it now.

PopPunkKid 10/31/12 09:24 PM

Nice set list, and really cool that they did this. Lots of mistakes and shakey vocal parts, but this is just a lot of fun and not meant to be taken too seriously. Nice job Punchline!

Searos 10/31/12 10:20 PM

I find it cool cause I believe they started off as a Weezer cover band way back in the day. Its good they drew from weezer's 3 best albums but as much as Blue, Pinkerton, and Green are awesome I would love to hear them cover Perfect Situation.

punchlinekid182 10/31/12 10:57 PM

I love these guys