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Kelly Doherty 10/31/12 02:24 PM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Glass Nail Records Sign Things Fall Apart
Today we can exclusively reveal that Glass Nail Records have signed Ohio post-hardcore quintet, Things Fall Apart. The band will be pressing their upcoming as-of-yet untitled full-length, through Glass Nail/ Rose & Arrow on 12" vinyl early next year.

gr33ndayfr3ak 10/31/12 03:01 PM

Excellent, these guys are awesome and they're really cool people too. Good for them.

Nickisonfire 10/31/12 04:09 PM

stoked for these guys, they're great.

BGP 10/31/12 09:08 PM

I love these guys. So rad.

I am Mick 10/31/12 09:12 PM

Love these dudes, excited.

spaghettti 10/31/12 10:03 PM

Huhhh this is interesting. Good for them

tigertiger 10/31/12 10:29 PM


GetUpAndrew 11/01/12 03:07 AM

Wow, good band. They remind of a more hardcore-ish version of Daylight. Will surely check out their full lenght.

BusterBluth 11/01/12 02:22 PM

good band good dudes

kennethGNR 02/27/13 02:18 PM

We announced the reunion and addition of Richmond hardcore four-piece, WAKE (ex/current members of This Is Your Life // http://wake-rva.bandcamp.com), to the Glass Nail family last week and we're announcing another addition next week. For now we'll just say Arrows In Her aren't the only brilliant twinklers in New Jersey. Duh.