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Gregory Robson 11/01/12 07:29 AM

Ending People - Fill Your Lungs EP
Ending People - Fill Your Lungs
Record Label: Cash Cow Production
Release Date: Oct. 30, 2012

Ending People is a self-described dark party-wave band from Denver, CO. While that's probably a fair assessment, the band more closely resembles a dream-pop quartet with new-wave inspired guitars and luminescent synths.

How is it?

Phenomenal. On their debut EP Fill Your Lungs, the quartet sounds effortless and self-assured. Brimming with a confidence unlike few of their contemporaries, Fill Your Lungs is nary a flaw. Whereas some debut efforts drip with trepidation and rust, there's absolutely no signs of that here. The EP opens with "Beat of MY Heart," an ethereal and richly textured effort that features Brit-rock guitars and Erin Roberts' captivating vocals. There's nothing entirely overpowering about the song, but the entire feel is defined and nuanced. Those characteristics are repeated in lead single "Tiny Little Army," a gossamery and honeyed exercise that is meticulous, carefully crafted and undeniably swirly.

The EP reaches toward the midpoint on "I'm Not Coming Back," which is anchored by Roberts' inspired guitar playing, Jeff Davenport's winsome vocals, and a haggard and threadbare sentiment that is both languid and hazy. After the respite of "I'm Not Coming Back," Ending People kicks it back into gear on "Amazing Grace," a firecracker of a cut in which Roberts sounds as dynamic and entrancing as ever. If you only hear one song from Fill Your Lungs, bypass the singles and check this one out. Penultimate cut "Mouthful," is nocturnal and inviting. Ostensibly the tittle track, the song builds with each passing second, before rising to a soaring crescendo at the finish. The EP ends with "Pretender, Part 1," featuring vocals from Davenport and a veneer that is enveloping and celestial. As one might expect, the song lifts upward as it goes on and when all is said and done makes for what is arguably one of the EP's best compositions.

Recommended If You Like Beach House, Metric, dream-pop

Find Them Here http://www.endingpeople.com