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taekwondrone 11/02/12 12:10 AM

No comment.

Born_For_This 11/02/12 07:23 AM

Group are fucking idiots.

Mochem 11/02/12 08:25 AM

Some of these comments...

QuietThings430 11/02/12 08:42 AM

The complete opposite of #noided

thesafeword 11/02/12 03:12 PM

lol if anybody said who seriously.

like are you living under a rock? is it still 2011?

Ciattk 11/02/12 04:18 PM

ya'll mads

SHESmyRUSHMORE 11/02/12 07:22 PM

i enjoyed the album.

Zack Haughton 11/03/12 05:24 AM

Band is amazing, but why do they have to be so damn Death Grip-py all the time? Signing a contract then breaching said contract to keep a promise they made to their fans sounds noble but in real life is a huge no-no