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Drew Beringer 11/02/12 12:01 PM

PureVolume Presents: Like Moths To Flames Cover fun.
You can stream Like Moths To Flames Punk Goes Pop 5 cover of fun.'s "Some Nights" exclusively at PureVolume.

seymourbuttes 11/02/12 12:15 PM

This band is so bad, and this cover is even worse.

NickIsI 11/02/12 12:17 PM

This is fucking terrible.

bobsheiskawy 11/02/12 12:17 PM

so beautiful.

StephenYoung 11/02/12 12:19 PM

The worst song of the year.

RockVocalPower 11/02/12 12:22 PM


theHECKLER 11/02/12 12:22 PM

Go back to Emarosa Chris!

circletheworld 11/02/12 12:30 PM

Brandon Allin 11/02/12 12:30 PM

This band is just awful.

Playsw/Squirels 11/02/12 12:34 PM

Love Roetter's singing voice....but wow, not a fan of this whatsoever.

RabidNewz 11/02/12 12:37 PM

Is this as bad as it sounds like it would be on paper?

brook183 11/02/12 12:37 PM

so bro

CPF--FBR 11/02/12 12:40 PM

Let's just pretend this doesn't exist.

suicidalmoose 11/02/12 12:42 PM

it's like I'm lost at a sea of giant breakdowns, trying to escape. :-(

NorthstarPark 11/02/12 12:46 PM

Bro nights.