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Jason Tate 11/02/12 03:01 PM

Bayside Post Up "Sandy" Relief Shirt
In the wake of current events, Bayside are offering fans a limited edition, specially designed hurricane relief t-shirt. Proceeds from each shirt will benefit the Greater New York American Red Cross in their efforts to help those still struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

absolution 11/02/12 03:14 PM

Bravo, gentleman, this is fantastic

absolution 11/02/12 03:20 PM

Gateway Response: The merchant does not accept this type of credit card.
There was an error response communicating to the payment gateway server. Please try again in a few moments.

Hope this gets resolved

Slangster 11/02/12 03:20 PM

Very cool gesture for sure.

esposimi 11/02/12 03:28 PM

Bought this yesterday. Bayside, Queens represent!

fenderstrat383 11/02/12 03:47 PM

Props. Awesome band and awesome guys too.

NateFoundGlory 11/02/12 05:20 PM

Sandy Partial

pollen 11/02/12 05:33 PM

Shirt looks fantastic. It irks me how their new merch store doesn't ship outside the US, though.

InfiniteArms 11/02/12 08:53 PM

I'd buy but their merch store doesn't ship outside of the US.

bduke13 11/03/12 01:00 AM

Bayside can do no wrong

3GunGaz 11/03/12 05:18 AM

I love the t-shirt and want to help out... but it doesn't ship to anywhere but the US. This sucks!!

Obviously I know I can help out in other ways - but I'd also like the t-shirt!

veronabryce 11/03/12 12:12 PM

Ordered mine!

leftapart 11/05/12 12:01 AM

I love the design on this shirt.