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more heart 11/05/12 01:38 PM


Originally Posted by Brandon Allin (Post 115015062)
I don't get it, why does everyone hate this Jake guy?

He's kind of a shit head. In the thread about him leaving Handguns, a few users were posting about shitty encounters with him (something that's valid since a good friend of mine has too). Plus, he got arrested on Warped Tour this past summer for selling someone else's music and blank CDs of his own band's music.

grffthmsft629 11/05/12 09:17 PM

Better than everything on that train wreck called Angst

poppunkwayo 11/05/12 09:39 PM

this sounds like 90% of the shit people send into my website, generic and boring as fuck, nothing original or new to the genre..you can't win them all.

rsvs 11/06/12 09:23 AM

get a room pls

PostSeasonShawn 11/09/12 03:17 PM

Thanks for all the kind words from some of you!
We really appreciate our fans.
Thank you.