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Keagan Ilvonen 11/04/12 10:09 PM

Stream The Second New Underoath Song
Jump to the replies to stream the second new Underoath song entitled "Unsound."

Submitted by Aperi Oculos

Keagan Ilvonen 11/04/12 10:09 PM

savestheday3x3 11/04/12 10:15 PM

god, they have gotten so good

leftapart 11/04/12 10:19 PM

Underoath's last song.. I never wanted this :-( Fuck, I love where they were headed musically.

CastlesXClouds 11/04/12 10:19 PM

love the drum work on this

JuneJuly 11/04/12 10:19 PM

Did this leak a few days ago or something? I swear I saw it on tumblr but just thought it was the other song they released.

JPA917 11/04/12 10:20 PM

Can't believe this is it. Fuck. Loving this track only makes it tougher.

DylanPPPP 11/04/12 10:21 PM

Not sure how I feel about this.

Everything sounds great but this is such a weird song for the band. Was waiting for a climax of screaming but was disappointed. Spencer's cleans sound fantastic though even if the chorus is kind of a snore.

ibanez966 11/04/12 10:26 PM

Very meh compared to the other track.

dohare 11/04/12 10:28 PM

god damn, i could really get into a few more years of songs like this, them being done sucks.

Allstarme23 11/04/12 10:38 PM

This is so good they need to stay together.

RyanGarner 11/04/12 10:39 PM

"I never wanted this" fits how I feel about this break up. Spencer's vocals have gotten so good.

OdeToTheSun 11/04/12 10:45 PM

Better than the other song to me, but both are great. Just sucks knowing they're the last new songs.

justinwho 11/04/12 11:01 PM

as bummed as i am of this being the last song, they went out on the highest of notes with disambiguation and these last 2 songs.

dubey 11/04/12 11:01 PM

Who is that singing on the first song? The "clean" vocals? Is that Spencer?

Just listened to the second song (Unsound) - kind of sounds like Cove/Saosin

Haven't listened to UO in a long time