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Keagan Ilvonen 11/04/12 10:16 PM

Fun.'s Saturday Night Live Performance [Video]
You can watch Fun.'s performance of "Carry On" from yesterday's Saturday Night Live on Hulu.

PopPunkKid 11/04/12 10:25 PM

God I love this band so much.

My 51 year old father said this was one of the best performances he's ever seen on SNL, and got teary-eyed at this performance.

bladerdude360 11/04/12 10:27 PM

Very awesome. They sounded great. Can't wait to see them again in a few weeks.

TomAce 11/04/12 10:31 PM

only song on Some Nights I like. i know, i know, it's really evil to express dissatisfaction with the record, but hey, I can only like what I like. for the most part the record sounds like kids music to me. shit to soundtrack live action disney films.

but more importantly Louis Ck is the funniest man alive. that monologue was the funniest 5 minutes of snl since Will Ferrell left.

theredline 11/04/12 10:52 PM

I was actually impressed with the rawness...they did it well but some of the blemishes were there. Kinda nice to see that once in a while on a show like snl

RussVanderhoof 11/04/12 10:54 PM

i hate everything about this. it doesn't come off as sincere to me personally. or maybe i just miss the format.........~

mid_westsun 11/04/12 10:59 PM

thoroughly enjoyed everything about this. minus the trench coat.

justinwho 11/04/12 11:00 PM

such greatness.

Thomas Louis 11/04/12 11:46 PM


Originally Posted by PopPunkKid (Post 115012342)
God I love this band so much.

My 51 year old father said this was one of the best performances he's ever seen on SNL, and got teary-eyed at this performance.

Your dad is just being dramatic. He's known to do that.

CavanaughPark 11/04/12 11:52 PM

Their best TV performance so far. Carry On is actually a decent song, hopefully the rest of the world catches on.

brook183 11/05/12 12:12 AM

Nailed it.

Jenajena 11/05/12 12:41 AM

Is Nate performing differently than he usually does, or does he just look happier than ever? Either way, this was probably their best television appearance I've seen.

Jet Set Paul 11/05/12 01:02 AM

Does anybody know which of their performances was actually on TV? "Some Nights" or "Carry On" (or both?). Their performance of Carry On was excellent...probably their best televised live performance yet. Some Nights wasn't bad, but the live performance seemed to be lacking the "punch" of the original. Either way, Louis C.K. + fun. = one of the best SNL's in recent memory.

mbao 11/05/12 03:54 AM


Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States.

Hulu is committed to making its content available worldwide. To do so, we must work through a number of legal and business issues, including obtaining international streaming rights. Know that we are working to make this happen and will continue to do so. Given the international background of the Hulu team, we have both a professional and personal interest in bringing Hulu to a global audience.


j4callen 11/05/12 04:19 AM

Definitely best SNL performance I can remember. Vocals were album quality.