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Wake Up 11/04/12 10:44 PM

"tiny" Chat Thread [Islands]

Omarion 11/04/12 10:45 PM


Originally Posted by sjb2k1 (Post 115012692)

Please, please, please give me a reason other than, "You know why," as to why I was banned. The reason portion is in the infraction system for a reason and that is to give the person you're expelling from the site a legitimate clue as to why you're doing so. For whatever reason, despite all the other COMPLETE DOGSHIT that takes place on this site, you're going to ban me for posting fucking GLITTER TEXT OF ONE LINERS I GOOGLED? Seriously? I know you know how stupid that is. Did it hurt anyone? Was anyone paying attention? Isn't there a pedorapist in Personal Life to police? Not my fucking ass delaying sleep before I get up and PAY DUES to the MAN. I fucking PAY TAXES OKAY HOW DARE U

BroekHosen 11/04/12 10:45 PM


Theseventhson 11/04/12 10:45 PM

this is a safe place

WhoSaidThat? 11/04/12 10:45 PM


Wake Up 11/04/12 10:45 PM

i'm feeling a better, surprisingly

Jake Jenkins 11/04/12 10:46 PM

I feel safe here

Star Slight 11/04/12 10:46 PM


PermanentTourists 11/04/12 10:47 PM


BornUnderPunches 11/04/12 10:47 PM

I'm on mobile and when I saw I could post in the threat anymore I was afraid I was banned but it's okay guys *wipes sweat from brow*

achassi 11/04/12 10:47 PM

Omarion is preaching.

Omarion 11/04/12 10:47 PM

and if u say it was the jizz, which is just implied btw who knows what that really is okay i dont know i dont touch my wiener, you already had an attitude for some reason before that may i remind u i pay taxes

11:11 11/04/12 10:47 PM


Originally Posted by sjb2k1 (Post 115013182)
but pity parties are the best parties!

Actually no pants parties are the best parties

Argentine 11/04/12 10:47 PM

I'm watching Homeland right now.

CheckeredFloors 11/04/12 10:48 PM


Originally Posted by BroekHosen (Post 115013522)

Love you Ali