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Ryan Gardner 11/05/12 10:39 AM

Boys Like Girls Release "Life Of The Party" Lyric Video
Boys Like Girls' lyric video for "Life of the Party" can be seen in the replies. The band's new full length, Crazy World, hits stores December 11th.

Ryan Gardner 11/05/12 10:40 AM

providence36 11/05/12 10:55 AM

BruceWayne 11/05/12 10:58 AM

best song ever...

DisenShaanted 11/05/12 11:03 AM

Jesus. This sounds like Train.

blimpcityhero11 11/05/12 11:07 AM


Originally Posted by DisenShaanted (Post 115027462)
Jesus. This sounds like Train.

I was trying to place who this sounded like and that's it! Seriously, almost sounds exactly like them.

HCO SF 87 11/05/12 11:08 AM

This is so boring. I miss the catchy pop-punk.

EndlessPrisoner 11/05/12 11:21 AM

this album is still coming out?

crusaderr 11/05/12 11:22 AM

I actually really like this, while I do miss the S/T days, I dig this style that BLG and ARTTM has blended into some of their new tunes.

TheGoodnightMoon 11/05/12 11:26 AM


Originally Posted by providence36 (Post 115027022)

Perfect first response.

wearefriends 11/05/12 11:34 AM

i was all in until the "you smell that? smells like boys like girls is back"

really amazing fun pop song until that 1 line.

NorthstarPark 11/05/12 11:57 AM

How much you want to bet that guitar will be on eBay soon.

kevinjordan 11/05/12 12:04 PM

Have they been playing with a country vibe for a while now? I've only heard some of their singles but none of them sounded like this o_O

Hagysaurus Rex 11/05/12 12:58 PM

Maybe I'm out of the loop on what direction they were taking the new tunes, but this was not what I was expecting. AT ALL.

DisenShaanted 11/05/12 02:13 PM

I still can't believe this God damn song.