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Little Ferret 11/05/12 07:32 PM

The Grandmasters (dir. Wong Kar Wai)
Couldn't find a thread.

Finally got a trailer. It looks glorious.

Wake Up 11/05/12 08:11 PM

Still finding it hard to muster up any sort of excitement for this. I hope it's good.

Tetragrammaton 11/05/12 08:48 PM

Great director, questionable project. It is one of the rare times a film I like can be watched with a friend; a Bruce Lee fanatic is looking forward to this since I told him of its existence.

williek311 11/05/12 08:57 PM

So many Ip Man movies lately.

TJ Wells 12/20/12 07:46 AM

Opening Berlin.

brandon_260 04/07/13 02:57 PM

August 23rd wide release.


Tetragrammaton 04/07/13 05:04 PM

That is certainly bizarre news.