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InaGreendase 11/06/12 10:18 AM

Candy Hearts EP too ;-).

Real Fear kills.

Xiegfried 11/06/12 10:57 AM


Originally Posted by nickthehick2 (Post 115073542)
Streetlight didn't come out did it?

Nope. I think they said it'll be out sometime in January as long as there aren't any more delays.

Yakacack 11/06/12 11:06 AM

Water & Bodies put out an EP American Dream today. I enjoy those guys quite a bit

Eurotrash Drock 11/06/12 11:40 AM

Uhhhh, ISIS double b sides and rarities + DVD, anyone?

kazuma_ootaro28 11/06/12 12:52 PM

Didn't know Water & Bodies' new EP came out today. Gotta check that out.

Also, The Casket Lottery.

guitarguy211 11/06/12 03:46 PM

Punk Goes Pop 5
Candy Hearts EP
Move Out West EP
New Underoath songs
...think that's it.

NorthstarPark 11/06/12 04:51 PM

I sampled PGP 5 and it is some of the worst sounds my ears I have heard. Mylanta it is bad.

antiradio 11/06/12 05:59 PM

OC Supertones!!!!!!

John_Barnes 11/06/12 06:47 PM

Ne-Yo's new album R.E.D. is also out today.

Frinet 11/06/12 08:38 PM

gahh! why streetlight, why!

VictoriaS 11/06/12 08:49 PM


Originally Posted by John_Barnes (Post 115107812)
Ne-Yo's new album R.E.D. is also out today.

Didn't Taylor swift just put out an album with the same name...?

dash64 11/06/12 09:30 PM


Originally Posted by salem1oliver (Post 115073562)
The new Casket Lottery album "Real Fear" is excellent.