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Keagan Ilvonen 11/06/12 10:13 AM

Stream Green Day's "ĄDos!"
You can now stream Green Day's new album, ĄDos! on Rolling Stone.

Elscorcho2008 11/06/12 10:17 AM

Miles better Than Uno

It has it's lows but Tracks 7-10 and 12-13 are some of the best songs the band has done in years.

theHECKLER 11/06/12 10:18 AM


dunkinsdonut 11/06/12 10:24 AM

Stream Green Day's: "Shit"

Elscorcho2008 11/06/12 10:34 AM

mike'smannequin 11/06/12 10:36 AM

oh shit really excited when my roommates parents leave i will listen to it lol

Portugal4142 11/06/12 10:37 AM

Should've pulled the best 10 songs from the 3 albums and released one good album. Quality > Quantity. I honestly don't even want to sift through all these songs to find the 3 good ones like I had to on Uno because even the good ones weren't that great.

Light_Grenades 11/06/12 10:43 AM

Skip Nightlife and the rest is pretty damn enjoyable.

ghelms88 11/06/12 10:47 AM

Very enjoyable album so far. Better than Uno on first listen.

hectorial85 11/06/12 10:54 AM

Can't wait to give it a go.

RyanGarner 11/06/12 11:03 AM

The guitar tones on these albums lack any punch whatsoever.

duritzfan13 11/06/12 11:14 AM

"Nightlife" is pretty cool.

Zummy 11/06/12 11:37 AM

I liked !Uno! and although I am not all the way through listening to !Dos! yet, I really like it. These albums have gotten a lot of flack but I don't think they're that bad. I think it's way better than 21st Century. And less complex then American Idiot (which is a good thing)

edit: Not digging Nightlife on first listen.

Fame<Infamy 11/06/12 11:42 AM

Am I the only one who can't get this to work?

heyzombiehitler 11/06/12 11:54 AM

Uno was okay, but this is pretty good.