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Drew Beringer 11/06/12 11:37 AM

POZ Presents: Pentimento Song Premiere
You can stream a new Pentimento song titled "Days Away" over at PropertyOfZack.

ViTOP 11/06/12 11:43 AM

This record is gonna be AWESOME!!

AReiss 11/06/12 11:56 AM


nickthehick2 11/06/12 12:13 PM

Why does Soundcloud not have a volume control?

InaGreendase 11/06/12 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by nickthehick2 (Post 115084502)
Why does Soundcloud not have a volume control?

Does on its actual page at least. http://soundcloud.com/propertyofzack...way-pentimento

jrtbighurt 11/06/12 12:50 PM

This band is getting a lot of coverage. This sounds pretty good.

_veges_ 11/06/12 02:06 PM

Band is so awesome

edwardyyy 11/06/12 05:11 PM

I am so excited for this to be released.