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Drew Beringer 11/06/12 11:46 AM

New Rocket Summer Video
You can check out The Rocket Summer's new video "Just For A Moment Forget Who You Are" in the replies.

Submitted by Zummy

Drew Beringer 11/06/12 11:46 AM

Nardes 11/06/12 12:59 PM

I could see this being Bruce Springsteen song (mainly from the first verse) and I could also see this being a Katy Perry song... (these are compliments)

Really good album, Bryce pretty much can do no wrong, and is such a nice guy!

blindrider529 11/06/12 01:11 PM

Cool beans. This album is so awesome. I could (and do) listen for days.

pepster50 11/06/12 01:31 PM

love this album and this song

dangerofthought 11/06/12 01:35 PM

Bryce is the perfect example of a musician that started out young and his music grew with his age. I don't think he's ever betrayed who he is as a musician, but he's been able to make new music that is still plainly Rocket Summer.

guitarguy211 11/06/12 03:53 PM

Album of the year runner-up for me. Bryce is such a good songwriter and musician.

Can't wait for The Rocket Summer to make it out here on tour.

ARo2431 11/06/12 03:58 PM

Video is alright. I will always support Bryce though. Love everything he has done.

XenoAbe 11/07/12 06:51 AM

AOTY for me. Great music that actually has a good message to go with it.

baton 11/07/12 07:22 AM

Such an amazing record, and this video is quite much better than the previous one.