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Zummy 11/06/12 11:56 AM

No Doubt's video for Looking Hot
Apparently, No Doubt released a video for their song Looking Hot that had to be removed because Native Americans found it to be offensive. Does anyone have a link where I can see the video? I can't seem to find it anywhere and I want to watch it and judge for myself.

punkcrap 11/06/12 12:59 PM

Yeah I want to see it too! Don't think they meant to be offensive at all though, probably were dressed as "Native Americans" and that seems to be such a big crime.

Djentleman 11/06/12 10:30 PM

some screen shots here, far from offensive


Zummy 11/07/12 09:05 AM

Yeah, I saw those clips and I kinda felt from those pictures it didn't seem offensive but I figured somehow that the way it was executed made it offensive.

edit: I meant to say might have made it offensive

Voguerista 11/08/12 07:41 AM

I want to see it. I love No Doubt!

JayyEmAlexander 12/05/12 02:51 AM

i dont get how that can be offensive, when the rapper deuce can make a video full of naked chicks and murder? world is toppsy