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Kelly Doherty 11/06/12 11:58 AM

User Reviews (11/06/12)
Head to replies to check out the user reviews submitted in the past week.

Kelly Doherty 11/06/12 12:00 PM

Then the snow started falling, we were stuck out in your car.
User ReviewsShnabubula - Fading Light (blue_light_888)
Bad Books- II (justbradley)
Oh Hellos, The - Through The Deep, Dark Valley (justbradley)
Swellers, The - Running Out Of Places To Go (justbradley)
And The Giraffe - Creature Collector (justbradley)
Anberlin - Vital (justbradley)
Warpaint - The Fool (thehighwaysend)
Further Seems Forever - Penny Black (justbradley)
Jesse Thomas- Hazel EP (hiddentrack)
Stacy Clark - Patterns (hiddentrack)
Death Cab For Cutie - The Open Door EP (justbradley)
Castles- The View From Down Here (justbradley)
Luther - Let's Get You Somewhere Else (JamieTheSonger)

WeltallAY 11/06/12 12:18 PM

justbradley, you are the man!!