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trevorshmevor 11/06/12 01:48 PM

circletheworld 11/06/12 01:51 PM

ohh wow.. love

Jason Tate 11/06/12 01:53 PM

Best band.

Alex DiVincenzo 11/06/12 02:01 PM


NickIsI 11/06/12 02:05 PM

I cant take it anymore. I've been in class for an hour and still have 45 minutes left. I can't wait any longer to hear this.

Kill_the_radio 11/06/12 02:23 PM

This band is perfect.

Fil_22 11/06/12 02:24 PM

Good stuff, can't wait.

concealer611 11/06/12 02:24 PM

Damn, these dudes never disappoint, new album can't come fast enough. I Love them.

Thomas Nassiff 11/06/12 02:44 PM


RyanFTW 11/06/12 02:44 PM


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 115089932)
Best band.

Best/Most Gnarly band.

Big_Guy 11/06/12 03:52 PM

happy to hear some melody again after that ep

GetUpAndrew 11/06/12 03:57 PM

Incredibly awesome song.

avengedtbs 11/06/12 04:27 PM

Notice to everyone: go see them live. Also, about time this album is coming out/new songs being released.

Jake Jenkins 11/06/12 04:28 PM

band can do no wrong

ThisIsNotDan 11/06/12 07:27 PM

sweet song. bass is so good. I wasn't huge on that last EP but I like this a lot