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Jack Appleby 11/06/12 02:07 PM

New I The Mighty, Culprit Songs
I The Mighty and Culprit both debuted new songs at Rock Yourself To Sleep last night. Hit the replies to hear "Some Say It's Your Loss" and "Totem" - both songs will be on their respective band's Spring 2013 releases.

Jack Appleby 11/06/12 02:07 PM

Jack Appleby 11/06/12 02:08 PM

Really enjoy both songs - both are hotly anticipated for 2013.

ErinWhitt 11/06/12 02:16 PM

Love "Totem"

blindrider529 11/06/12 04:30 PM

So excited for new I the Mighty.

RyanGarner 11/06/12 04:45 PM

Can't wait for new I the Mighty.

InfiniteArms 11/06/12 05:00 PM

Both songs are great. Can't wait for I the Mighty's album. Will have to check out Culprits new album (?) when it comes out as well now.

JuneJuly 11/07/12 02:14 AM

gonna hold off on the ItM song. Probably my second most-anticipated besides the Morning Of. Absolutely can't wait.

rushour144 11/07/12 10:23 AM

I am so excited for ItM! The song sounds really good!

pepster50 11/07/12 12:33 PM

ITM sounds awesome. Catchy chorus

wish the DGD set recording was this good quality.

sweethart5349 11/07/12 11:17 PM

love the new culprit jam. so good.

Jennurna Gray 11/08/12 12:34 PM

I love them both!