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Jason Gardner 11/06/12 10:36 PM

Real Friends Stream New Songs
Glamour Kills is streaming a trio of songs from Real Friends collectively titled Three Songs About the Past Year of My Life. The stream is available here.

blackmold 11/06/12 10:49 PM

Solid jamz. I hate their name tho. No real reason; just don't like it.

Jaytothesyg 11/06/12 10:52 PM

I really want to like this band. Maybe they'll grow on me

subplotofcrows 11/06/12 10:55 PM

Can't wait to check these out. Band has really blown me away with their other stuff.

evilandgood 11/06/12 11:55 PM

If I wanted to listen to the Wonder Years, I'll listen to the Wonder Years?

EDIT: I do enjoy the songs, they just sound really, really derivative of what's already been accomplished by other bands the past several years. I just wish they'd create their own niche. Really think they have the potential to do something bigger and better.

Avalanche1 11/07/12 12:36 AM

Love this band and these songs. Hope this band blows up.

WeWereGiants 11/07/12 02:33 AM

First time listening to Real Friends... I love it. Yeah it's a little derivative but it sounds great!

The Gunz Show 11/07/12 04:19 AM

i love the Glamour Kills winter line. and i'm digging this band as well.

- Gunz

Charlesieiy 11/07/12 04:26 AM

First material I've liked by them. Hebron's great. That last song just sounds like Turnover though. If this band finds a sound for themselves (noting the derivative comments) I think they'll be pretty popular, singer's got a good sing-scream thing going.

Coverbydesign 11/07/12 05:34 AM

Home town dudes happy to see them going far. Can't wait to see them blow the fuck up and get on some bigger tours.

PirateSkater182 11/07/12 07:04 AM

Love this band.

Facemelter42 11/07/12 07:15 AM

Great to see this band getting some exposure on this site. Plus, these songs are the best.

circletheworld 11/07/12 08:41 AM

wow.. thats awesome for them. They are gonna blow up like Wonder Years. callin it now

JayBee420 11/07/12 09:51 AM

Great band. Can't wait to play with these dudes.

AReiss 11/07/12 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by circletheworld (Post 115139012)
wow.. thats awesome for them. They are gonna blow up like Wonder Years. callin it now

I agree, assuming they can keep up the quality of this release. They got the whole honest and bummed out introspective lyrics that also manage to be relatable thing, they're fast, they're not sugar-coated pop punk, very easy to get into and get emotionally attached to. I'm excited for their next move. This release is fantastic.