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Penguin 11/06/12 11:32 PM

Jukebox The Ghost
I can't find a thread for these guys, so I'm starting one.
RIYL Jack's Mannequin, Ben Folds, The Hush Sound

I just saw them with MCS the other day and they were fantastic. Someone post something so I'm not talking to myself.

BuiltToFall 11/07/12 06:50 AM

Saw them on Saturday as well and was more than impressed by their live performance.

spaghettti 11/07/12 08:02 AM

Wish I got a chance to see them! I love these guys.

EndlessPrisoner 11/07/12 09:10 AM

i made the thread for the album. love these guys so much, seen them three times, and #4 is tomorrow.

Safe Travels is probably my favorite album by them, but Static is my favorite song. So dark compared to a lot of their other stuff, hah.
Also Ben's voice has gotten infinitely better since the early days.

henry chinaski 11/07/12 12:44 PM

They rule.

randomrubbish 11/07/12 08:08 PM

Thank god! I love them. Does 'Devils on Our Side' make people cry as much as it makes me? Saw them live with MCS, too, which was fantastic.

ghelms88 11/07/12 09:21 PM

Saw them open for Jack's Mannequin back in February and fell in love with this band. Hoping the rescheduled MCS/Jukebox at Starland is a date that I can make.

ramomcferno 11/08/12 09:34 AM

Awesome band! They put on an awesome show when I saw them with MCS a couple of days ago. I listened to Safe Travels a ton before the show and fell in love with Adulthood, among other tracks. I was really hoping they would play it but they didn't I guess I will just have to wait until they return to the Philly area in March.

Penguin 12/04/12 01:53 AM

Did anyone else watch their your updates from the MCS tour? Those guys seem like they'd be a blast to have as friends or tourmates.