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NewAgeofHorus 11/07/12 01:26 PM

Chris Hansen will be attending

cantbesaved 11/07/12 02:01 PM

Someone somewhere is pumped...not here but somewhere... I find that hard to wrap my mind around...

NorthstarPark 11/07/12 02:15 PM

Is this style of music still big? How many kids still go to shows like this these days?

TheRealJohnOC 11/07/12 02:21 PM

Well consider me STILL not going.

Djentleman 11/07/12 02:24 PM

scene should be dead but these dickheads keep it going

plns 11/07/12 03:05 PM

These guys remind me of Bon Iver.

volta 11/07/12 05:26 PM

For real who are they posting this for?

AussieBoy 11/07/12 05:41 PM

I should be happy and just not question this. But.... What ever happened to brokencyde?

ARo2431 11/07/12 06:50 PM

Definitely no one in Ann Arbor will show up for this.

saywhatever 11/07/12 08:51 PM

Lol they moved their show in Spokane, i'm presuming from The Knitting Factory to The A Club since they probably couldn't even get close to filling it. Fuck these bands/"artists".

kaylasananjou 11/07/12 10:52 PM

Is this band named after a Valencia lyric, because I can't handle that. Nope.

MattyD 11/08/12 07:30 AM

Jeffree Star is still around? I thought and hoped he died with myspace.