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Ryan Gardner 11/07/12 10:49 AM

Consider Me Dead Added To Blood on the Dance Floor Tour
Consider Me Dead have been added to the rest of the Blood on the Dance Floor and Jeffree Star The Scene is Dead Tour. Check out the dates in the replies.

Ryan Gardner 11/07/12 10:49 AM

Tour DatesNov 21 - Hard Rock Cafe - Las Vegas, NV
Nov 23 - In the Venue - Salt Lake City, UT
Nov 24 - Black Sheep - Colorado Springs, CO
Nov 25 - Summit Music Hall - Denver, CO
Nov 28 - The Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI
Nov 29 - Wooly's - Des Moines, IA
Nov 30 - FUBAR - St Louis, MO
Dec 05 - A Club (NOTE: VENUE CHANGE) - Spokane, WA
Dec 06 - Knitting Factory Concert House - Boise, ID
Dec 07 - Wonder Ballroom - Portland, OR
Dec 08 - Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
Dec 11 - Ace of Spades - Sacramento, CA
Dec 12 - The Glass House - Pomona, CA
Dec 13 - THE EL REY THEATER - Los Angeles, CA
Dec 14 - Soma Side Stage - San Diego, CA
Dec 15 - The Rock - Tucson, AZ

Zack Zarrillo 11/07/12 10:53 AM


Ryan Gardner 11/07/12 10:55 AM


Originally Posted by zack-182 (Post 115142652)


dannylololol 11/07/12 10:57 AM

Tour of the decade

rushour144 11/07/12 10:57 AM

Well if there is blood on the dance floor, I am sort of considering someone is dead :p

rushour144 11/07/12 10:58 AM


Originally Posted by dannylololol (Post 115142822)
Tour of the decade

You spelled century wrong!

MILFCORE 11/07/12 11:09 AM

Tee hee!!

circletheworld 11/07/12 11:12 AM


dannylololol 11/07/12 11:14 AM


Originally Posted by rushour144 (Post 115142882)
You spelled century wrong!

Oh fuck, did I really say decade?! I meant millennium!!!!!

ZachMadeMeOdd 11/07/12 11:21 AM

This is one tour I actually wouldn't mind seeing those baptist church fucks at.

rushour144 11/07/12 11:35 AM


Originally Posted by dannylololol (Post 115143512)
Oh fuck, did I really say decade?! I meant millennium!!!!!


AReiss 11/07/12 12:16 PM

Well the title of the tour is appropriately self-aware.

Xiegfried 11/07/12 12:58 PM

R.I.P The Scene

AussieBoy 11/07/12 01:02 PM

What an arsehole of a tour

NewAgeofHorus 11/07/12 01:26 PM

Chris Hansen will be attending

cantbesaved 11/07/12 02:01 PM

Someone somewhere is pumped...not here but somewhere... I find that hard to wrap my mind around...

NorthstarPark 11/07/12 02:15 PM

Is this style of music still big? How many kids still go to shows like this these days?

TheRealJohnOC 11/07/12 02:21 PM

Well consider me STILL not going.

Djentleman 11/07/12 02:24 PM

scene should be dead but these dickheads keep it going

plns 11/07/12 03:05 PM

These guys remind me of Bon Iver.

volta 11/07/12 05:26 PM

For real who are they posting this for?

AussieBoy 11/07/12 05:41 PM

I should be happy and just not question this. But.... What ever happened to brokencyde?

ARo2431 11/07/12 06:50 PM

Definitely no one in Ann Arbor will show up for this.

saywhatever 11/07/12 08:51 PM

Lol they moved their show in Spokane, i'm presuming from The Knitting Factory to The A Club since they probably couldn't even get close to filling it. Fuck these bands/"artists".

kaylasananjou 11/07/12 10:52 PM

Is this band named after a Valencia lyric, because I can't handle that. Nope.

MattyD 11/08/12 07:30 AM

Jeffree Star is still around? I thought and hoped he died with myspace.