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cody_rosebalm 11/07/12 09:08 PM

Super stoked for this.

bestofmoss 11/07/12 09:34 PM

will rule

tiredcommentary 11/07/12 09:39 PM


luckisoverrated 11/07/12 09:50 PM

Yeeessssss.... Had hoped this would happen someday.

drewbaldy 11/08/12 12:13 AM

This post is why I love this website. Just discovered one of my favorite bands.

jjnunn118 11/08/12 01:41 AM

YES!!! The acoustic Defeater stuff is so good!!!

jjnunn118 11/08/12 01:52 AM


Originally Posted by briantalife (Post 115163802)
stoked on this!

Acoustic Basement 2013?

rkjames1985 11/08/12 02:55 AM

His EP/Demo that he was selling at Defeater shows last year is superb. Cannot wait for this.

briantalife 11/08/12 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by jjnunn118 (Post 115179822)
Acoustic Basement 2013?

we shall see!