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darbz89 11/07/12 03:31 PM

Motion City Soundtrack - Making Moves (Single)
Motion City SoundtrackMaking Moves (Single)
Record Label: Boombox Generation
Release Date: November 6, 2012

Ever since Motion City Soundtrack first showed the world the opening to an (at the time) untitled track on youtube earlier this year, it seemed as if people were getting pretty excited about a 2012 that held much promise for the band.

As expected, their fifth full length album, Go, was well received by fans, with its more mature sound showing that the band seems to have really progressed, whilst maintaining the characteristics that one has come to expect from them.

However, I (for one) was left wanting slightly by the fact that the earlier snippet did not seem to have made it onto the record. Whilst the band had made it abundantly clear that this song was part of the Making Moves series (see http://makingmoves.maddragonmusic.com/ for details), it had such a haunting element to it that hung over Go and refused to dissipate.

The Making Moves project came to its climax, after showcasing some stellar musicianship from other, less well known artists (A Great Big Pile of Leaves' contribution was particularly impressive), the final instalment, Motion City Soundtrack's instalment was released.

Of course, the aforementioned teaser “Severance”, is the A-Side, and opens the proceedings with it's atmospheric effects and haunting lyrics that leaves a distinct taste of Go's “Happy Anniversary”, but with an ending which climbs to the more aggressive and raw style that one might associate with I Am The Movie.

A sudden change of pace seemed to be in order for the B-Side, “Major Leagues”, which gives a somewhat crooked grin to the single, with the band combining a bouncy introduction and chorus with a very relaxed, heartfelt verse that remains a staple part of any Motion City Soundtrack recording.

It is my belief that these two tracks perfectly showcase the talent that this band has. The two tracks (quite literally) show the two sides of Motion City soundtrack. On one (B) side they are capable of bringing a smile and a strut into the room, and the other (A) is to really make the listener sit back and do just that; listen.

As I suggested earlier: 2012 is the year of Motion City Soundtrack, and long may it continue.

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