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Jack Appleby 11/07/12 03:46 PM

From Indian Lakes Album Stream
Stream From Indian Lakes new album Able Bodies in its entirety on their official website. Don't miss this release.

Jack Appleby 11/07/12 03:47 PM

Incredible album. AOTY contender.

underdawg1119 11/07/12 03:48 PM

This will probably end up being my AOTY. So glad I got the deluxe vinyl package. Take all of my money.

Vocals on Your Son are killing me. So fucking good.

Edit: Just got to the last song, oh my god.

jhotmann21 11/07/12 03:53 PM

Such a great band. New album is fantastic, can't wait to hear it on vinyl!

edwardyyy 11/07/12 04:00 PM

This album is just to damn good.

Allstarme23 11/07/12 04:01 PM

This is my band of the year they are amazing live.

seanthethief 11/07/12 04:31 PM

I know this isn't twitter, but @drywowens did a bang up job. Love this record.



Originally Posted by underdawg1119 (Post 115157742)
Edit: Just got to the last song, oh my god.


phaynes1 11/07/12 04:32 PM

Hope this lives up to the insane hype. The couple of songs I've heard were great.

jonwangcb 11/07/12 04:56 PM

From Indian Lakes sounds really similar to The King and The Thief. Does anyone know if they're still making music?

a speedo model 11/07/12 05:25 PM

This will end up as my AOTY. Such an amazing band.

Archael 11/07/12 05:33 PM

gonna fucking rule I know it

MikeCaswell 11/07/12 05:55 PM

such an amazing album and band.

gr33ndayfr3ak 11/07/12 05:59 PM


Tele72 11/07/12 06:04 PM

Easily AOTY. the pre-order can't come in soon enough!

dohare 11/07/12 06:41 PM

absolute gold. let me just say, beyond the amazing piece of music they've created, the recording is perfect sonically. guitar tones are legit, drums don't sound overproduced or underproduced. love it.