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Drew Beringer 11/07/12 03:53 PM

POZ Presents: Interview with LIGHTS
PropertyOfZack recently sat down with LIGHTS and talked about her acoustic project that will release in early 2013, going back to Warner for her next record, and beginning recording of said record in 2013.
From The InterviewYou have to be careful. Itís their job to want to make you bigger. Itís your job as an artist to stand for what you know is right. You canít bend too far for the sake of making someone happy. Iíll be defending my artistic integrity till death. It got close last summer, but itís so important to me. I have that vision that goes a lot further down the road. Iíll take that to the grave with me. Iíll be defending good songs and will be saying things I want to say. Itís important to be strong about it. That being said, Iím going in open-minded. I just want to make a great record. You canít deny that at all. Iím open to try new things, and thatís the beauty of a company with Warner. Itís a worthwhile struggle. Thereís nothing thatís worthwhile that isnít a struggle.

gr33ndayfr3ak 11/07/12 04:52 PM

That's a great quote. I'll make a point to read this later.
And anything acoustic from her will be fantastic, I'm sure.

alert=danger 11/07/12 05:24 PM

I'd like to sit down with Lights, if you know what I mean...

...Because she seems pretty interesting and very nice.

upthepunx 11/07/12 05:48 PM

she's too hot

Brandon Allin 11/07/12 07:22 PM

Interviewed her in '09 myself, one of the most fun interviews I've ever done. She's a super sweet girl, really friendly and approachable. And she likes if you bring her beef jerky to snack on.

honkytonk 11/07/12 07:25 PM

I've got some beef jerky she can snack on

Miketheunicycle 11/07/12 08:56 PM

her acoustic songs are her best

Mat_terry27 11/07/12 11:38 PM


Originally Posted by honkytonk (Post 115166872)
I've got some beef jerky she can snack on

The best thing I've heard all day.

kbomb001 11/08/12 12:18 AM

"Banner" & "Where The Fence Is Low" are fantastic acoustic

I hope Warner doesn't expect her to 1-Up Siberia

kismet 11/08/12 10:09 AM

I didn't even realize she was doing an acoustic project. That's awesome though, her songs sound great stripped down.

DearShithead 11/08/12 01:09 PM


Originally Posted by Mat_terry27 (Post 115178092)
The best thing I've heard all day.

Must be a shitty day.

Mat_terry27 11/08/12 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by DearShithead (Post 115195402)
Must be a shitty day.

The shittiest day.