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Christian Wagner 11/07/12 08:44 PM

Affiance Releases Video For "Kings Of Deceit"
Affiance released a video for "Kings Of Deceit." The track features Dustin of August Burns Red. You can view the video in the replies.

Christian Wagner 11/07/12 08:44 PM

subplotofcrows 11/07/12 08:50 PM

Honestly didn't know this band was getting kind of big. It's awesome to see some more bands come out of Cleveland. Vocals rip.

StephenYoung 11/07/12 09:05 PM

Saw them live last year, they put on a pretty good show. Better than most bands in that genre, for what it's worth.

dohare 11/07/12 10:48 PM

potentials huge, dude just needs a little bit more hook-ish melodies.

B.Leibo 11/08/12 05:39 AM

I can honestly put these guys in my top 3 right now, I don't quite understand how people keep looking over them.

Aaron Mook 11/08/12 05:56 AM

I haven't gotten big into these guys, but what's awesome is remembering their drummer talking with us in line for Warped, not even really pushing CD's, just tryig to get the word out. Cool dude, I'm glad these guys are getting some recognition.

JPA917 11/08/12 09:39 AM

Song rips. So glad I randomly stumbled upon them on Youtube a while back.

PetitnaindesĪles 11/08/12 09:47 AM

love the singer's voice, i think i might listen to the full lenght

johnnyferris 11/08/12 10:25 AM

Sounds awesome. Dustin's vocals were also good.

Stouffs 11/08/12 04:52 PM

I always forget how good of screams Dustin has.

formated4tv 11/08/12 08:06 PM

They remind me of Howard-era Killswitch Engage, if Howard sounded white.