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Archael 11/08/12 12:25 PM

will undoubtedly suck terribly

crashofwaves 11/08/12 12:31 PM

Not expecting much.

hibbityhoo 11/08/12 12:39 PM

You could have told me that this was the tracklisting for Taylor Swift's next album and I would have believed you.

Ollie McKraut 11/08/12 01:55 PM

"Laaaa laaa la laa laa la it's a crazy world" is the most radio chorus possible

britt91 11/08/12 01:58 PM

so excited for new Boys Like Girls music!

guitarguy211 11/08/12 03:20 PM

I want to hear this, the new sound works well.

RockVocalPower 11/08/12 04:44 PM

Easily their worst album. Blech

absolutebutthol 11/09/12 02:00 AM

My gut tells me this is their last album on a major for some reason.