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Drew Beringer 11/08/12 12:43 PM

DCFC "The Barsuk Years" Vinyl Boxset Pre-Order
You can pre-order Death Cab For Cutie's The Barsuk Years boxset on vinyl here.

Chris Collum 11/08/12 12:44 PM

If I had dat money...

jordalsh 11/08/12 12:45 PM

I'm so poor and sad.

Zack Zarrillo 11/08/12 12:49 PM

Am getting this. So excited

Holly HoX! 11/08/12 12:52 PM

They should have named it "The Only Years"

Chris Collum 11/08/12 12:54 PM

Plans is decent.

getupguy222 11/08/12 12:58 PM

I hope they sell some of these individually. I know a few of the releases say "exclusive to this box set", but thats pricey, even though I'm a huge fan of this era Death Cab. I own a first pressing of "trans" always wanted the "Photo Album" hope it goes up on its own once this is released. Bazan did the big pre-order package deal, now they have them up individually. Hope that happens here too.

getupguy222 11/08/12 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by Chris92 (Post 115194472)
Plans is decent.

Pre-plans was excellent

RayJoonya 11/08/12 01:01 PM

Hell yes. Best band around.

Chris Collum 11/08/12 01:02 PM


Originally Posted by getupguy222 (Post 115194782)
Pre-plans was excellent

I was responding to the post directly above mine

ThisIsNotDan 11/08/12 01:04 PM

Plans and Narrow Stairs are fantastic. Codes and Keys is pretty good too. almost thought about buying this til I saw the price :-X

Chris Collum 11/08/12 01:08 PM

I liked maybe half of Narrow Stairs, but I like that Open Door EP better than anything that made the record. Codes and Keys is fucking dogshit though, as is Gibbard's solo record.

RyanGarner 11/08/12 01:09 PM

I want this wicked badly but it's so expensive.

atticusfinch 11/08/12 01:11 PM

Also known as the You Must Be Rich as Crap to Own This years.

Alert_the_Press 11/08/12 01:17 PM

I would love to own this, but yikes that is a bit rich for my blood.