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Drew Beringer 11/08/12 01:02 PM

Stream New Crystal Castles Album
Crystal Castles is streaming its new album III on Spotify.

Submitted by Helen Keller

arson 11/08/12 01:06 PM

This album is so good. Right now, my favorite tracks are "Pale Flesh" and "Violent Youth".

theintention 11/08/12 01:10 PM

And it's real good

Jeff_Ryan 11/08/12 01:27 PM

Listened twice so far. I love it. Go read Alice's interview on P4k. I love her too.

shimmyshakes 11/08/12 01:49 PM

today is a good day.

Helen Keller. 11/08/12 02:01 PM

Glad I'm not the only CC fan on here.

me7719 11/08/12 03:07 PM

Really enjoy it, still think their first album is my favourite though. I think i am in the minority on that one though. Did not get into the second at all but this I have already spun a good 5 times

steve187 11/08/12 05:42 PM

they can do no wrong

RandomGui 11/08/12 07:09 PM

i love this a lot more than i thought i would. pale flesh definitely takes top track for me.

tool5591 11/08/12 08:28 PM

its magical :worship:

AtomicPunk316 11/08/12 10:09 PM

Listened to this last night. It's awesome.

COREhorizon 11/08/12 11:10 PM

Awesome beats? Check. Inaccessible vocals? Check.

dash64 11/09/12 10:53 AM

I'm not sure if I like this as much as II. Maybe I set my expectations too high. Nonetheless I'll definitely be picking this up.