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luke69 11/08/12 02:13 PM

This should be the second song of the EP

asthenia* 11/08/12 02:14 PM

man, sometimes this band just works.

the actual song here is an example of that

pleasedontask 11/08/12 02:16 PM

this was actually kind of cool.

agreene24 11/08/12 02:32 PM

Wow Diary gave me goosebumps, especially when Tom's vocals came in. Excellent stuff.

EvilZeppelin 11/08/12 02:47 PM

I like that Critter was in this video.

tdlyon 11/08/12 02:55 PM

Will probably download the first disc. Not interested in remixes really.

SomedayTheFire 11/08/12 03:04 PM

That was fantastic

punchlinekid182 11/08/12 03:15 PM

Sweet, best news of the day for me

bobcatbob18 11/08/12 03:30 PM

The fact that people seem to be warming up to this is astonishing to me considering how much (unwarranted) hate AVA seem to get on AP. I guess announcing a Blink EP beforehand softened the blow that Tom still has his passion project going.

Releasing a double EP on two discs seems a little excessive from a production stand point, don't you think? Make that baby a single disc and drop the price $10! I'm excited to hear the new stuff with Illan.

Alexx Miller 11/08/12 03:35 PM

More like Stomping the Delay Pedal. Nah, but I'm actually pretty excited for this.

TAI182 11/08/12 03:40 PM

$60 preorders at angelsandairwaves.com

suppyguppy 11/08/12 04:00 PM

Legitimately just enjoyed an AVA song for the first time since probably 2006.

15 Step 11/08/12 04:28 PM

cant wait for future idiots cover of diary

jtresk26 11/08/12 04:31 PM

This song has really grown on me. The video fits perfectly for the song too.

iamthealex 11/08/12 04:54 PM

I really didn't hate this, considering how much I how much attention I haven't paid to this project after their first record.