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Drew Beringer 11/08/12 01:43 PM

New Nervous Energies Session w/ Dads
You can check out Dads' Nervous Energies session here.

Submitted by handlikesecret

Clintoto 11/08/12 01:51 PM

Lovely. These are some righteous dudes.

Star Slight 11/08/12 02:43 PM

Awesome. One of my favorites this year

vivatoto56 11/08/12 11:35 PM

Yeah one of the best albums of the year.

I would love to hear Shit Twins played in this setting.

WarmThoughts 11/09/12 10:28 AM

Thats myyyyy Dads

frenchatticus 11/12/12 03:46 PM

damn what a performance