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imposs1ble 11/10/12 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by handlikesecret (Post 115249592)
fantastic screamo with hints of post-rock!

Thank you

raphbastek 11/10/12 10:04 PM

Feel free to download the album for free, it's out now http://oldgray.bandcamp.com/album/ev...gs-i-refuse-to

panties_nz 11/11/12 01:13 AM

I loved the demo. checking this out now. digging so far.

codeseven 12/04/12 03:12 AM

I had to come back to this thread and thank you for posting this. AP has gotten me into a lot of bands, but this is probably my absolute favorite. The lyrics are just amazing - up there with some of the best I've ever heard. Music is outstanding. Vocals, as rough as they are, are absolute perfect. Everything about this band and their music is gold. I have GOT to catch these guys and soon.

And to them being described as "fantastic screamo with hints of post-rock"... I'd simply just call them a melodic hardcore band. I'm not getting into a genre argument, just helping you be able to describe them with something that rolls off the tongue a little better. A long time ago, NC was home to some of the best melodic hardcore bands ever, and this band is bringing back that nostalgia for me.

And just to add, my favorite release of theirs is Do I Dare Disturb The Universe.

codeseven 12/26/12 08:59 PM

My brother got me their Everything I Let Go... 7" for Christmas as well as two Cameron Boucher's Set Sail Towards Hell cassettes. Again, this band is absolutely amazing.