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Trevor Sostarich 11/09/12 04:54 PM

I upgrade on my PC and I honestly can't tell a difference besides the start widget. I don't really use my PC so I'll leave it on there. It's an interesting concept, but I think it'll only work to it's full potential on something that's touch screen.

trevorshmevor 11/09/12 07:25 PM

Woohoo! Good for them. The songs they performed on Fallon sounded great as well. This band deserves any and all success coming their way.

Clark 11/09/12 07:37 PM

You misspelled "downgrade."

JWillTrick 11/09/12 07:37 PM

Nice placement. I'll have to check them out!

Krs-One 11/09/12 08:19 PM

I used XP until windows 7 came out. Now I'll probably use 7 until windows 10 or 11

TAI182 11/09/12 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by CTRL+ALT+DANCE (Post 115233202)
They tried too hard to make it simple that they just made it more complex. Neat idea though, just wasn't for me.

This is exactly right.

yourbiggestflan 11/09/12 08:39 PM


Originally Posted by wall e (Post 115229782)
Just saw them in a basement a few days ago.

how was it?

sargentlgfuad 11/09/12 10:18 PM

Love. Just saw them tonight. Can't wish enough good things for their future.

lightning13 11/09/12 10:20 PM

I wonder how many people who have heavily used Windows 8 are making these comments. Lol

lightning13 11/09/12 10:21 PM


Originally Posted by Debut_Fin (Post 115229582)
I have a Mac so I can't haha but I was at the Verizon store last night and while I was waiting I was playing around with Windows 8 a little and it was pretty cool. It's a hugeee difference so it could be kind of a messy transition for people who aren't great at adapting to new technology, but it's a cool OS

It's honestly not as different as people are making it out to be.

JuneJuly 11/10/12 12:21 AM


Originally Posted by MrDelux (Post 115233242)
I'm ashamed that I am just now hearing of them. They sound awesome

Check out Wolf and School Friends. Great songs. Actually all of the songs on Threads are great.

*dannyg* 11/10/12 03:08 AM


Originally Posted by SILYW (Post 115229642)
These guys deserve to blow up, Threads is in my contenders for AOTY. I also had the pleasure of meeting them while they were on tour with Motion City Soundtrack in the UK.

I completely agree with this. I NEVER like female vocalists, but for whatever reason, this album really hits home for me, & I have no trouble listening to the whole thing on repeat. I love the direction that they've taken since Now Now Every Children

Jerold Sunga 11/10/12 06:24 AM

Such a cool song. I upgraded my OS, it has a better design than 7, but I'm having a hard time using the UI, though.

SannyDamet 11/10/12 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by plns (Post 115229452)
It feels like this band gets pushed so damn hard by their label but haven't seen much success. I feel like they've been stuck in the same spot for 3-4 years.

Over the course of the last year, they've changed labels, toured with Motion City Soundtrack, toured with Fun., been in a TV commercial, and played Fallon. Hardly the same spot.

daftpunker45 11/10/12 01:23 PM